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ME FIRST – If I Should Wake Before I Die

ME FIRST coaching

If there is something in your life that you want to change – your work, your relationships, or your satisfaction with life, the journey begins with ME FIRST. The ME FIRST Retreat is a guided journey through the seven directions of awakening.

The first day of this two-day retreat begins with the importance of becoming consciously aware of your relationship with YOU. You learn the importance of living intentionally and learn how to set clear intentions.

You will experience practices and exercises that teach you the importance of selfness, serving yourself first so as to leverage your ability to serve others. Most importantly, you will learn how to integrate your selfness practice within your daily life.

Finally you will define your Personal Guidance System (PGS) comprised of your core values, what makes you tick and your call to service. Like a GPS, your PGS is designed to help you navigate through life.

Day two of the ME FIRST Retreat shifts you into action, identifying what you plan to do and who you choose to be as you move forward. You learn to differentiate between spinning, stalled, settling and Stepping-UPP.

The program includes the ME FIRST Playbook and the roadSIGNS Companion Cards.

I’m Interested

Why Choose Us

You may be thinking that ME FIRST is an act of selfishness. Think again. Who is better positioned to change your life than you.

You know what you want, or if you don’t we’ll show you how to get clear.

You may be getting in your own way, and if you are we’ll show you how to stop doing that.

You may be listening to your critic’s voice and allowing her/him to overrule YOU. We’ll teach you how to shift from Critic to Coach.

You may be noticing that you are living small. We will show you how to live large, from your own power and how this changes your life and your relationships.

You may be spinning, or even stalled. We’ll show you how to step into unlimited personal power.


The ME FIRST Retreat was very educational, deeply spiritual but not religious. It is a great program if you want a new beginning or to simply freshen things up. The activities were awesome and the resources are great. Betty and Jim truly care and I recommend this to everyone who is willing to look within.