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Betty Speaks

Betty Healey is a passionate and engaging speaker. Her unique presentation style requires full audience participation, drawing each audience member into the conversation. Distributing roadSIGNS attractionCARDS© to each participant prior to her presentation, Betty demonstrates how each person attracts roadSIGNS to their life. By exploring the potential meaning behind each of the SIGNS shared, audience members quickly see the power of her message: waking up to their life and engaging in their own journey of self-discovery.

Using this tried and true presentation style means that every speaking engagement, while following the same themes, will impact each audience in a very personal way.

Betty’s passion for personal discovery comes from real-life experiences in high-stress environments including hospitals, the education system, government and private industry. Her fundamental belief is that things happen for a reason, noting that we rarely stop to question life’s circumstances or reflect on their meaning.

“The busyness of modern-day living in conjunction with the effect of technology and rapid change on our lives,” Betty explains, “serves to disconnect us from ourselves and our passion for life. We tend to cruise through life unaware of the many signs that inform us of our true purpose. As a result, many of us live unfulfilled lives with an absence of real meaning.”

Betty’s most memorable presentation topics are:

  1. roadSIGNS on the Journey of Life
  2. ME FIRST – If I Should Wake Before I Die
  3. Mining Diamonds – Seeing the Brilliance of Who You Are!
  4. Pumped Up or Put Down – Taming the Inner Critic
  5. Conscious Communication
  6. A.R.C.H. – Awareness, Resilience, Community and Heart

In speaking, Betty’s intention is to inspire her audience members to ‘wake up’ to their full potential, building their self-esteem and self-confidence, and to walking away with a desire to live a more purposeful life.

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