About Us

Our Mission & Values

Betty and Jim Healey posing on a roadroadSIGNS is a coaching-consulting company whose mission is to cultivate passion, innovation and spirit within individuals, teams and organizations.

Through coaching and facilitation, we create opportunities for individuals to discover their strengths, engage their potential and remain resilient in an ever changing world.

We are committed to creating healthy human work environments where individuals are fully engaged in their work and where their unique gifts and strengths are valued, rewarded and celebrated.

We believe that when imagination and creativity are harnessed, organizations remain resilient and able to ride the wave of a turbulent economic climate. The result is increased productivity and ‘bottom line’ results.

Our Corporate Values

    • Courage: We dare to challenge the status quo and ask the difficult questions that create conscious communication and bring about transformation.
    • Authenticity: What you see is who we are. We are committed to our journey of self-discovery, understanding and living from our strengths and modeling this to others.
    • Love: We show up every day, fully present and prepared to be of service. We love what we do, why we do it and who we do it with and for.
    • Grace: We acknowledge and celebrate the abundance that lives within us, around us and in others. We see the diamonds that live within those whom we serve.
    • Curiosity: We are committed to lifelong learning and open to the surprises that live around the next corner. Curiosity keeps us sharp and engaged, searching for new ways to coach and facilitate.