Conscious Communication
For Self-Discovery

Coaching Circles

Conscious Communication for Self-Discovery - Coaching Circles

Coaching circles are designed to give you access to coaching in a group setting. Through the shared journey of self-discovery, you learn that you are not alone and that others in the group are your greatest allies and teachers. The experience of learning together is transformative.

Coaching circles are limited to twelve participants. The circle is guided by the principles of mutual respect, collaboration, and sharing. Every member of the circle is both student and teacher. Conversations are confidential.

The process of coaching in circle is organic – it is based on the issues members of the circle bring for discussion. At the same time, the circle is based upon the intentions circle members define at the beginning of the program. The focus is always on moving forward and stepping fully into your personal power.

Coaching circles include coaching, meditation techniques, exercises for personal discovery and conscious communication, sharing and discussion. There is an expectation that each member of the circle will actively engage in doing their personal work between meetings.

The coaching circle is a seven week program. Meetings are held weekly. Time and dates vary depending on the location.

Why Choose a Coaching Circle

Our experience is that people are searching for community. Coaching Circles offer this opportunity. They draw together like-minded individuals who want to invest in themselves. They help people to understand that there are shared issues which benefit from shared solutions.

Themes include:

  • From Critic to Coach – Learning to pull yourself up versus putting yourself down
  • Mining Diamonds – Seeing yourself through the lens of your strengths, gifts and talents
  • Stepping-UPP – defining what you want and stepping into action
  • Living From Your Strengths – Identify your 24 qualites/strengths through the Lumina Spark Portrait


Through the Coaching Circle I learned to fall in love with myself and that my light does shine brightly. Once you connect with that light, it grows.