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Conscious Communication for Self-Discovery - Couples Coaching

Couple coaching is designed for those who wish to engage in a more conscious relationship with their partner. Whether you are husband and wife, life partners, family members or best friends, couples’ coaching opens your eyes to new possibilities for your relationship.

Coaching is not therapy. Coaching focuses on the strengths you and your partner already have within your relationship. With your strengths as a foundation, you have an opportunity to build on what is good and great about who you are together.

Despite this, relationships can become a bit worn and frayed at the edges. Couples coaching helps you identify what you want your relationship to grow into and put strategies in place for moving your relationship forward.

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Why Choose Us

Betty and Jim Healey have faced a few hurdles over the course of their 40 year marriage and they have learned what it takes to keep a relationship vibrant

In 2007 Jim joined Betty in business. This offered another opportunity in learning how to be together, now in a full-time working relationship.

They get it! Working on their relationship is a given and they see the benefits in truly seeing each other and defining the relationship they want.


Our couples coaching provided the foundation for the growth of our relationship. Betty and Jim unselfishly shared and guided us through an insightful weekend retreat. Not only were we able to clarify our personal and professional intentions, the weekend provided an opportunity for us to look at what we both want to contribute to our life together.
Carol and Wayne