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Lumina Learning Systems - Leader LogoLumina Leader is designed to discover your leadership style in both your personal life and your work environment. Through the Lumina Leader Portrait you learn about the domain of leadership you engage and the qualities of leadership that define your unique style. Not only do you develop an enhanced understanding of who you are as a leader, you develop the confidence of stepping fully into your ‘leader-self’.

Becoming a leader of your life allows you to step into roles you may have otherwise felt unsuited to. There is an assumption that to be a leader you must be extraverted, outspoken, and directive. This is a flawed assumption.

We believe that leaders come in all shapes, sizes and energies. Leadership, by our definition, is built on inner awareness of who you are and the conscious choices you make in terms of how you treat yourself and others. In other words, it is an inside-out process. There is no magic recipe for becoming a leader other than knowing yourself, your strengths and how you choose to lead.

Lumina Leader is designed to nurture your leadership, assisting you in becoming clear on your leadership qualities and your unique approach to leadership. Understanding this can assist you in business, as an entrepreneur, as a team leader, as a community leader or within your family.

Coaching with one of the roadSIGNS coaches will help you to identify areas for personal and leadership growth, assisting you in becoming a more conscious leader in your life, your workplace and your community.

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Why Choose Lumina Leader

Lumina Leader provides a pragmatic approach to a range of leadership issues including:
  • New and unfamiliar experiences
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Engaging others in a shared vision
  • Coordinating projects and events and delegating successfully
  • Resolving conflict
  • Leading by example – living your talk
Your personal feelings can help or hinder your ability to provide effective leadership. Throughout your experience with Lumina Leader you will be given:
  • Opportunities to explore your ability to cope with situations you may have struggled with in the past
  • Become consciously aware of your personal preferences and your leadership style
  • Learn how to adapt your leadership style to different situations
  • Develop goals for the future and how you would like your leadership style to evolve