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Lumina Learning Systems - Sales LogoIf you are interested in developing your selling skills through a unique strengths based approach, the Lumina Sales Portrait is an ideal choice. You will see your sales qualities and the unique approach you engage in each stage of the sales cycle.

The Sales department is the heartbeat of any organization, whether you are employed by a small entrepreneurial business or a large multi-national. The degree to which you are able to connect with and understand your customer’s needs determines your selling success.

With Lumina Sales’ unique approach, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Improve your understanding of your clients’ needs and communication style
  • Learn how to build rapport and co-create results with your clients
  • Improve your negotiation and influencing skills
  • Understand your unique selling style and leverage your selling strengths
  • Improve your sales performance

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Why Choose Lumina Sales?

Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of selling, yet the reality is that you sell every day, whether that is a product or simply a new idea.

Lumina Sales offers everyone the opportunity to see their core strengths within each stage of the sales cycle. The sales cycle includes six stages:

  • research and acquiring market knowledge
  • prospecting and engaging clients
  • understanding needs
  • recommending solutions
  • gaining commitment
  • follow-up/support

The Lumina model shows that everyone can sell; you just do it your way.

The Lumina Sales Portrait highlights your natural strengths as well as your possible shortcomings and offers suggestions for developing your qualities/strengths further. This is an essential tool for both personal and professional development.