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Lumina Learning Systems - Spark LogoThe Lumina Spark Portrait presents the next generation of professional development tools designed to support you in seeing yourself in an objective and comprehensive way. It takes away the guesswork, providing you an in-depth picture of who you are and how you interact with the world.

It is unique amongst psychometric tools because it avoids any stereotyping, focusing instead on self-understanding, relationship building and conscious communication.

Lumina Spark provides a colorful framework for better self-understanding and helps you become more consciously aware of how you show up in the world. With a focus on your key qualities or strengths, you learn to see yourself through a lens that highlights the best of who you are. This cultivates your self-confidence and your self-esteem.

An essential personal and professional development tool, Lumina Spark shows you how you show up in three different situations, your underlying or natural self, your everyday or working self and your overextended or stressed self.

As a coaching tool, you can identify shifts or changes that you wish to make in these three situations, always focusing on leveraging your natural strengths.

You also unlock multiple other benefits including areas for personal and professional growth, remaining resilient and managing the demands of your job and understanding the impact of stress on your performance and relationships.

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Why Choose Lumina Spark

IT’S PERSONALISED: There is no stereotyping, no boxes. There is no labeling. You see yourself through the lens of the 8 aspects and 24 qualities of personality.

IT’S CUSTOMISED: Wherever you find yourself in your life or career, the content of your portrait can be adapted to meet your specific needs at the moment.

IT STICKS: Because it engages you through a colorful and practical representation of who you are, you are able to apply all the portrait offers you for your personal development.

IT IS SIMPLE AND DEEP: Much like peeling an onion, the portrait walks you through a view of yourself through layers of greater detail. This helps you learn in chewable chunks of information.


It has taken me a couple of days to process my Spark Portrait and to realize it gives me many of the answers I was seeking. I am always struggling with going within. Instead of being frustrated with my strengths I now plan to use them and allow them to push me forward. I have wanted to move forward for sooo long