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We First Couples CoachingDesigned to refresh, renew and even re-define your relationships, WE FIRST is an opportunity for couples to step back and take a fresh look at their relationship and re-commit to the power of WE.

This weekend retreat is designed for couples who want more from their relationship and who are willing to relax, reflect and explore. The program is designed for relationships which are healthy and where you recognize that you simply want to raise the bar. This is for empty-nesters, couples in transition ,new retirees, and simply, the curious. It is also an opportunity for co-workers, best friends and siblings.

During the retreat you will have the opportunity to:

  • Enrich your relationship with new ways of connecting with one another
  • Become clear on your vision for your relationship as you move forward, what you want individually and as a couple
  • Define and share your Personal Guidance System and have a strategy for supporting one another
  • See yourself through the lens of the Lumina Spark System and how you show up every day as well as under stress
  • Develop Your Blueprint of WE, your map for moving forward and staying the course.

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Why Choose Us

Betty andJim Healeyhave faced a few hurdles over the course of their 40 year marriage and they have learned what it takes to keep a relationship vibrant.

In 2007 Jim joined Betty in business. This offered another opportunity in learning how to be together, now in a full-time working relationship.

They get it! Working on their relationship is a given and they see the benefits in truly seeing each other and defining the relationship they want.


We want to let you know how much we enjoyed the We First retreat – it was just what we needed to remind ourselves of how much we really love each other. This was the perfect opportunity to help us to better understand and appreciate each other’s qualities, thinking and operating styles. We loved the tools you gave us to help us identify our core and shared values and jointly create a vision board for our renewed relationship. Thank you for encouraging us to renew our commitment to each other.
Wayne & Carol