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Executive Team Coaching

Conscious Communication Executive Team CoachingThe key issue for Executive Teams is to provide inspiring leadership and visionary direction. The roadSIGNS approach to coaching challenges Executive Teams to stretch outside their comfort zone and leverage their effectiveness through conscious communication and connection.

Most organizations want to have engaged employees who are committed to the organization’s vision and mission. Facilitating an organizational culture built on these principles begins from the top down. Your ability as an Executive Team to communicate in a unified voice, to inspire and provide direction to your employees, is strongly correlated to how your organization performs.

Executive Team coaching moves beyond traditional team development strategies. It invites team members to embrace a new understanding of collaboration, communication, commitment and leadership.

The intention of team coaching is to develop a team environment which fosters:

    • stronger relationships among team members,
    • increased appreciation for what each team members brings to the table, and
    • enhanced understanding of each member’s strengths and gifts.

All of these elements are designed to create a team which is internally cohesive and outwardly effective.

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Why Choose Us

roadSIGNS is committed to ignite the spirit of your team with an experience that leverages the capacity of your team to work together.

Our unique tools and tips will highlight the strengths of your team and the individual members.

We understand your specific organizational and team needs and build on your strengths.

We adapt our approach to your current requirements and what you need for moving forward.

The roadSIGNS Step-UPP ® coaching model is simple.

Creative Tools

A number of specific tools are used to facilitate the coaching experience:

  • The Lumina Spark and Lumina Leader Portraits
  • Lumina Team
  • Step-UPP ® Coaching Model
  • Strategies for Conscious Communication
  • Speed Reading, Mentoring and Coaching others
  • Strategic Attraction ® Planning