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Sales Coaching hosted by roadSIGNSThe Sales Team Coaching Program is designed to create a team environment which fosters stronger team relationships, enhanced communication and clarity among team members as to the goals and activities of the team.

Using Lumina Sales as a starting point, each member of the team receives an individualized Lumina Sales Portrait. As a team, members can assess the collective strengths of the team as well as any gaps that need to be addressed. Team members are encouraged to appreciate the diversity that defines the team and to work together as collaborators for the greater sales vision.

With Lumina Sales’ unique approach, your sales force will have the opportunity to:

  • Improve their understanding of their clients’ needs and communication style
  • Learn how to build rapport and co-create results with clients
  • Improve negotiation and influencing skills
  • Understand their unique selling style and strategies for leveraging their selling strengths
  • Improve sales performance

The six-stage Lumina Sales Model helps each member of the team identify the strengths they bring to each aspect of the Sales Cycle. Our coaching model encourages members to build on and leverage their strengths and identify key areas for professional growth.

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If You Are a Sales Manager…

Lumina Sales offers an invaluable tool for coaching the performance of individual team members and the team as a whole.

As a Sales Manager, you will be better equipped to engage your staff by focusing on their top qualities/strengths. Leveraging these strengths you can both challenge and support them in terms of their ongoing sales and professional development.

As a team, Lumina Sales equips members to work towards a common vision. To work collaboratively, making the best use of the wide array of talent and embracing the different sales styles. Team strength lies in the team’s ability to embrace diversity and learn from one another.