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Lumina Learning Systems - Leader LogoPeople can be leaders in title but not display the attributes of leadership. Leadership is an inside-out process. Lumina Leader, in a concrete way, allows you to assess your qualities/strengths and shows you how you engage these in your personal leadership style.

Everyone has their own unique leadership style but there will be times when you have to adjust that style to suit the situation. Lumina Leader is designed to nurture the leadership in your organization through both individual and team coaching. Designed to highlight your leadership strengths and choices, your self-confidence grows.

Many businesses today are experts in management and very good at responding to the demands of an ever evolving business culture. But what if the management of a team, a department or the whole organization is expertly executed but is lacking in leadership? For the short term the effects might be marginal, but over time the consequences can be devastating.

As a participant in a Lumina Leader Program you will learn about the domain of leadership you engage and the qualities of leadership which define your unique style.

Coaching with one of the roadSIGNS coaches will help you to identify areas for personal and leadership growth, assisting you in becoming a more conscious leader in your organization.

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Lumina Leader provides a pragmatic approach to:

  • New and unfamiliar experiences
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Inspiring others in embracing a shared vision
  • Keeping employees engaged and their attention focused
  • Coordinating and delegating successfully
  • Resolving conflict
  • Leading through example

Throughout your experience with Lumina Leader you will:

  • Be given opportunities to explore your ability to cope with situations you may have struggled with in the past
  • Become consciously aware of your personal preferences and your leadership style
  • Learn how to adapt your leadership style to different situations
  • Develop goals for the future and how you would like your leadership style to evolve

Lumina Leader adapts easily to Your Unique Organizational Culture:

  • It is customized to suit your organization’s needs precisely.
  • The Lumina Learning System has been developed to allow your perspective/model of leadership to be reflected in the Lumina products.
  • Lumina Learning and Leader provides products that are ‘in tune’ with your organizational philosophy and customer service model.