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Lumina Learning Systems - Sales LogoLumina Sales presents a unique ‘strengths-based’ approach to sales. The Lumina Sales Portrait allows each person to see their sales qualities/strengths and the unique approach they use to engage in each stage of the sales cycle.

The Sales department is the heartbeat of any organization, whether you are employed by a small entrepreneurial business or a large multi-national. The degree to which you are able to connect with and understand your customer’s needs determines your selling success.

If your organization already has a sales model in place, the good news is that Lumina Sales is highly flexible and can be easily adapted to your existing system.

With Lumina Sales’ unique approach, your sales force will have the opportunity to:

  • Improve their understanding of their clients’ needs and communication style
  • Learn how to build rapport and co-create results with clients
  • Improve negotiation and influencing skills
  • Understand their unique selling style and strategies for leveraging their selling strengths
  • Improve sales performance

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Why Choose Lumina Sales?

The Lumina Sales approach offers everyone from front line Territory Manager to Sales Managers a unique opportunity to understand their approach to sales and management. The Lumina Sales model highlights the sales qualities you excel at, within each stage of the sales cycle. As a result, you have the ability to see yourself through the lens of your strengths and develop your long term professional goals.

For Sales Managers supervising a sales team, Lumina Sales offers an invaluable tool for coaching the performance of individual team members and the team as a whole. You will be better equipped to engage your staff, by focusing on their top qualities/strengths, as well as helping them build their careers.

As a team, Lumina Sales equips members to work towards a common vision and to work collaboratively, making the best use of the wide array of talent and embracing the different sales styles. Team strength lies in the team’s ability to embrace diversity and learn from one another.