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Lumina Spark

Lumina Learning Systems - Spark LogoThe Lumina Spark Portrait presents the next generation of professional development tools designed to support individuals, teams and organizations to work together more effectively, achieve higher levels of performance and ultimately, improve the bottom line. It is unique amongst psychometric tools because it avoids any stereotyping, focusing instead on self-understanding, relationship building and conscious communication.

Lumina Spark provides a colorful framework for better self-understanding and helps people become more consciously aware of themselves and their relationships with others.

By applying the Lumina Spark model, learners unlock multiple business benefits:

  • areas for personal and professional growth,
  • managing the demands of their job
  • understanding the impact of stress on their performance and relationships.
  • becoming more influential with internal and external customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

Lumina Spark is highly flexible and adaptable to the demands or constraints of your workplace. Learner experiences can vary from short presentations, to a broad range of training courses, inspirational coaching sessions or an in-depth group facilitation process.

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Questions Lumina Spark Addresses for Your Organization:

  • How can I raise everyone’s self-awareness and improve the quality of working relationships?
  • What can I do to maximize the engagement of our employees?
  • How can I engage people in embracing their personal and professional development path?
  • How can I ensure everyone is skilled at understanding the communication styles of others so they can be more effective in their work relationships?
  • How can I develop effective leaders and managers?
  • How can help my teams create better results?


It was amazing how the Lumina Spark Portrait was able to so closely portray my qualities. Even though I was aware of most of my strongest qualities, there were a few that were reinforced for me. And it was, and will continue to be, very beneficial to see that some of the other qualities are within my reach. This workshop has provided me with some new goals to work on in my personal development.

Lumina is a Creative Approach

IT’S PERSONALISED: No stereotyping; No labeling; No boxes.. Lumina measures 24 qualities on a continuum –this is called ‘trait versus type’. The highly individualized portrait ensures everybody receives a meaningful, personal experience.

IT’S CUSTOMISED: All the validated psychometrics, systems and resources within Lumina are completely customizable to your organization’s needs. The content for each portrait, and the companion workbook, can be adapted to the unique requirements of your project or work initiative. You can easily merge your existing materials with all Lumina Learning’s materials.

IT STICKS: Lumina uses memorable, colourful and practical language to create a set of ideas that people remember and can apply for years to come. The model has ‘simplicity and depth’ and can be used at a big picture 4 colour level, an 8 aspect level or a detailed full 24 quality level – depending on your application.

IT WORKS: Lumina Spark is flexible & measurable; it creates results orientated interventions. Using the GROWS model, everybody is held accountable to follow through on their commitments as well as integrate the learning into their day to day experiences.