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Lumina Team

Lumina Learning Systems - Team LogoBuilding on Lumina Spark and the individual strengths of team members, Lumina Team celebrates the diversity that exists among team members. Designed to enhance communication and understanding, Lumina Team creates a platform for team excellence and performance.

Every individual within a team has a personal identity. The Lumina Team approach is designed to build on the diversity that exists among team members, viewing this as a strength rather than a liability. Team members have the opportunity to see themselves and others, understand the differences and develop strategies for enhanced communication, performance and output.

Using an interactive process, teams also identify how to work together when the going is good and when they are feeling stressed. Understanding that team members and teams are often overextended by the demands of the workplace, these strategies diminish conflict and enhance collaboration.

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Why Choose Lumina Team?

Understand what kind of team you are part of:
  • The Lumina Team Portrait shows you exactly who are in your team
  • In a snapshot you can see the distribution of personality types.
  • You can see at a glance the strong traits and characteristics within a group as well as potential blind spots.
  • Patterns emerge revealing both potential strengths and development opportunities within the team.
Ensure that you communicate effectively with your team:
  • Lumina Team offers its learners the opportunity to practice ways of consciously communicating within your team.
  • Lumina Team will offer you insights into alternative ways to get your message across so that it will be better received by the group and ultimately result in effective change.
Encourage team harmony and group development:
  • The key to creating a cohesive team lies in really understanding the individual personalities, motivations and preferred communication styles.
Learn what to do when a team is not performing:
  • Understanding deeper values can determine why a team is not acting cohesively and moving toward shared goals.
  • Lumina Team uncovers the critical aspects which underlie non-performance and enables the team to co-create solutions.
    Positively Influence a team:
    • Knowing yourself and your team, determines the range of interventions you choose to use. Lumina Team will help guide you in these decisions.