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Leading From Your Center

Leading From Your CenterThis is the ideal program for an Executive Team who wishes to engage in a transformative experience which will forever change how team members view one another, work together and lead their organization.

LEADING from your CENTER is an extraordinary opportunity for managers and executives to clarify their leadership role in both their life and their work.

For those organizations dedicated to developing their managers as leaders, this three-day program provides an intense, personalized leadership experience.

LEADING from your CENTER is an inside out process, understanding that, as Warren Bennis states:

“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple,
and it is also that difficult.”

The program leads participants through a process of discovering their leadership style and qualities as well as their personal preferences and strengths.

Building on this knowledge each participant is asked to develop their Leadership Blueprint, identifying the leader they want to become and strategies for growing into this leader.

As part of the program, individuals have the opportunity to:

  1. Define their Personal Leadership Guidance System
  2. Mine their Diamond – clarify and embrace their leadership gifts and strengths
  3. Create a Vision for the evolution of their leadership and who they are becoming
  4. Develop their individual and team Leadership Blueprint
  5. Experience Individual Coaching with a focus to personalizing the leadership journey and identifying specific areas for personal and professional growth.

To facilitate the LEADING from your CENTER process, participants are introduced to the Lumina Spark and Leader Portraits.

I’m Interested


In Betty’s work with the AMCAL team, she offered us many tools which I know we will embed in our work. These tools are influencing the communications within our team as well as with our clients. Learning to acknowledge ourselves and others was a significant take-away from our workshop. Betty really helps retreat participants to become more conscious of who they are being and hence, what they are attracting, in the world.
Heather Holmes
Executive Director
AMCAL Family Services