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Leveraging Your Strengths

Leveraging Your Strengths with roadSIGNSThe Leveraging Your Strengths workshop presents a process for becoming more consciously aware of the natural qualities/strengths you possess. With this awareness you will learn how to engage your strengths in a way that leverages your abilities to be successful in both life and work.

Using the Lumina Spark Portrait to highlight your key qualities/strengths, you will also become aware of how you engage the four colour energies and eight aspects of personality.

Lumina Spark also highlights how your qualities/strengths show up in three different situations, your underlying persona or private self, your everyday persona or your public self and your overextended or stressed out self.

Understanding how your energies and strengths shift across different situations is important, allowing you to identify what leads to becoming overwhelmed. The specific triggers/situations that drive this can also be identified.

More important is the understanding of how to manage feeling overextended and finding solutions for intervening beforehand. By doing so, you add important tools to your repertoire, helping you to be more resilient and adaptable to change and the day to day pressures.

This program focuses on your strengths and how you can leverage these for building your career and the life you choose for yourself. While personal growth opportunities are not ignored, building from your strengths is an uplifting way to move forward.

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Why Choose Leveraging Your Strengths:

This program opens up a number of unique opportunities for you including:
  • assisting you in identifying the important role you play with in teams
  • preparing you for management/leadership roles
  • highlighting opportunities for career evolution
  • using in resume building for job searches
  • understanding your personal growth opportunities and build on your strengths.


The workshop Leveraging Your Strengths revealed to me the person I present to the world around me. There have been times that others have said this is what you do and I chose not to hear or recognize what they were saying. The Lumina Spark Portrait made this black and white. It gives me the opportunity to really explore my inner spark. I will take my personal strengths and position them to leverage my weaknesses.
Della Bercovitch