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Strategic Attraction Plan

Strategic Attraction Plan

Strategic ATTRACTION is a four-part coaching process designed to assist organizations to engage the Law of Attraction strategically in your life and business.

Whether you are a solopreneur, a small business owner or a sales team, Strategic Attraction is a unique process designed to help you forge ‘attractive’ relationships with clients, business partners and other stakeholders.

The four-part Strategic Attraction Plan leads you through a process of clarifying:


  • who are your perfect clients/relationships
  • what defines your organizational ‘WHY’
  • what your organization wants to attract, and
  • how your organization needs to ‘be’ to attract your perfect clients and business

While this may seem like common sense, too often organizations are not clear about most of these aspects of business. They approach their business planning in a random way. When clarity is absent, anything can show up and ‘anything’ may not be good for business.

Although a simple process, these four steps have a powerful influence on the evolution of your business and the attractiveness of your organization for both clients and employees. It is particularly relevant for new entrepreneurs

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Wow, what a magical day! I can’t thank you both enough. Don and I spoke the whole way home about the day and all the things we gained from the retreat. I am such a believer in the law of attraction and I have never seen such a practical application of it. Strategic Attraction offers a useful methodology for bringing the teaching into your day to day life. Bravo!
Lianne and Don
Business Partners,
Shift Village