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roadSIGNS Attraction Cards88 inspiring messages for a more attractive you.

The attractionCARDS© Set includes 88 cards, each with a unique and inspiring message. The cards are packaged with instructions for use, and an “I am Positively Attractive!” magnet, allowing you to place your message for the day where you can see it and read it regularly.

Each message is designed as an intention for your day, a reminder to be more consciously aware of who you are choosing to be for yourself and others.

The cards are 3” X .75”. The design allows for an easy fit in your wallet, pocket or purse so that you can offer cards to others as well. Finally, the cards are packaged in a beautiful recyclable tin box which is 3.5” square, and 1” in depth.

If you give your cards away as inspirational messages for others, re-fills can be ordered for the box. The cards are printed on 100% recycled paper. It is our commitment to tread lightly on Mother Earth with our roadSIGNS Products.

Why 88 messages? Turn an 8 on its side and you have ∞, infinity. Eighty-eight is double infinity and speaks to the power of the Law of Attraction and our infinite ability to attract the life of our choice.

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ISBN 978-0-9783629-0-0
Produced by roadSIGNS, ©2007 Betty and Jim Healey
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ISBN 978-0-9783629-0-0
Produit par roadSIGNS, ©2008 Betty and Jim Healey
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attractionCARDS have been created lovingly by Betty and Jim Healey with the artwork and design by artist Tracy-Lynn Chisholm, attractionCARDS Graphic Design and concept by Candice Nixon – Melting Pot Studio –