roadSIGNS Companion Cards

roadSIGNS Complete Companion Cards SetThe roadSIGNS Companion Cards are a unique set of Values and Question cards that have been designed to guide you on the journey of self-discovery.

The set includes 48 Values Cards and 48 Question Cards which can be used alone as a daily spiritual practice or in conjunction with the other roadSIGNS and ME FIRST Products.

The Values Cards are designed to help you declare your personal core values, the essential guiding principles which guide you through life.

The Question Cards are designed help you reflect on life’s most important questions, questions to which there may be no immediate answer but which provoke feelings, thoughts and new understanding.

The roadSIGNS Companion Cards have been created lovingly by Betty and Jim Healey with artwork and
design by artist Tracy-Lynn Chisholm, OBO Studio.

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