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Lumina Learning Systems offers a range of products that support both your personal and professional development. Available as both one-on-one and team coaching options, Lumina Learning is designed as a platform for professional development, team development, leadership, change management, recruitment, sales and marketing, and employee engagement.

Lumina Spark

The Lumina Spark Portrait is all about YOU. It highlights the four colour energies, eight aspects and twenty-four qualities of personality and where you personally shine. Dedicated to helping you focus on your personal strengths, it is a vital tool for developing your self-confidence.

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Lumina Spark Intro Coaching Package (Includes 21 page Lumina Spark Intro Portrait plus a 90 minute coaching debrief): $300

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Lumina Spark Full Portrait Coaching Package (Includes 40 page Lumina Spark Portrait plus a 90 minute coaching debrief): $400

Lumina Leader

The Lumina Leader Portrait highlights how you choose to lead. Whether your choice is leading with people, with vision, with drive or to deliver, you will understand how your personal strengths contribute to your chosen leadership style and what opportunities exist for improvement.

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Lumina Leader Portrait Coaching Package (Includes 72 page Lumina Leader Portrait plus a 90 minute coaching debrief): $400

Lumina Sales

The Lumina Sales Portrait highlights your personal strengths in each phase of a six-part sales cycle. Unlike generic sales tools, there is no guesswork with Lumina Sales. You have the opportunity to identify specific area of sales that you wish to improve on and receive concrete suggestions for doing so.

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Lumina Sales Portrait Coaching Package (Includes 39 page Lumina Spark Intro Portrait plus a 90 minute coaching debrief): $300

Lumina Team

Lumina Team is built upon the Lumina Spark Portraits of individual team members. As a team development activity, Lumina Team is designed to leverage the capacity of your team to work together effectively, enhancing mutual understanding, communication and productivity.

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